Giraffe & Staff puppet shows have been delighting children for more than 15 years. It began with the mission statement: "Life is Fun" and over a million children can attest to that fact after experiencing the program.

     This wonderful venture is the creation of Sharon Allbright who gave up a career in journalism and public relations to try her hand at entertaining children. As the company has grown, so have her creative skills, which include writing the plays, puppeteering and designing the puppets.

     Many people have contributed to the success of the company through both artistic and production skills. Steve Sweeny, Sharon's husband, joined forces with the company 12 years ago and finds the work too much fun to call it a job. Steve is a puppeteer and technical director, heading stage and sound productions. His computer expertise includes producing and editing the company's videos.

     The late Bart Lewis, Sharon's son, was instrumental for much of the company's popularity and growth. His succinct humor and amazing puppeteering skills are captured in thousands of videos and the hearts of all who know him.


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