Birthday Shows    

Giraffe and Staff Puppet Shows offers a variety of delightful birthday programs that are guaranteed to create an exciting, heart warming and giggle-filled experience.

We have shows with many different themes for ages ranging from one to ten year olds. The age range is even higher if you include the parents who often laugh harder than the kids.

The program begins when two puppeteers arrive to set up a stage that can either go up in the house or outdoors. This takes about 15 minutes and the childrenís excitement mounts as they watch the beautiful eight-foot wide stage appear before their very eyes.

The program features music to get the party started but the most wonderful feature is the delightful puppets and their hilarious antics. The programs always add excitement and warmth to any festive event.

The birthday child is made to feel special during the show, especially when the puppets and children sing the Birthday Song. However, the real treat comes at the end of the show, when the guest of honor is invited up to the stage to meet George the Giraffe. This is a real photo opportunity for parents to capture their child getting a kiss or a high five from George. Usually parents canít resist getting in the picture too, for a really unique family photo.

After all the children meet the giraffe, they get to try their hand at being creative. Giraffe and Staff provide a craft project for the kids to make finger puppets of the characters they see in the show.

The whole program usually takes about an hour. We also have a range of other activities that can be included in your party planning.

Birthday Shows

"Life is Fun" is our most popular show, starring George the 8-foot tall Giraffe and an endearing cast of animal puppets. The children are led on a hilarious adventure that is sure to include a huge case of giggles.

"The Dinosaur Adventure" is a guaranteed crowd pleaser when Tyrone the Gigglesaurus shows up and creates a few problems for the puppets and children. Of course, it all ends on a happy note, when the children discover the 10-foot tall dino is actually a nice guy, after all.

"The Magic Show" is one of the favorites for kids from four to ten years of age. The children are amazed when the puppets get together and try to out do each other performing the best magic trick. Itís also an exciting experience for the birthday child, who has to judge which puppet did the best trick.

"The Pokey Show" especially popular with older children. They are delighted when one of the Pokemon character shows up to create an exciting adventure with lots of audience participation. This Pikatu parody keeps kids on the edge of their seats, but after some clever plotting and planning--- they finally catch the clever yellow fellow.

"Jungle Time" is another favorite show starring Zeke the Zebra who crashes the party and steals a basket of presents for the children. Of course, the kidís get their basket back and Zeke turns out to be a good guy. There is fun and excitement for children of all ages in this delightful show.


(For parents who want additional entertainment, we have a variety of party packages, which can be custom designed for any occasion and party theme.)

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