Puppet Shows for Schools, Fun Events, Etc.

There are a wonderful variety of puppet shows that are appropriate for all children and settings. We perform for nursery schools, grade schools, libraries, shopping centers, churches, company picnics and holiday parties.

Besides Giraffe and Staff’s wide range of shows, they are able to custom create a special program for your event.

NURSERY SCHOOL SPECIAL A wonderful cast of animal puppets, starring George the 8-foot tall giraffe, introduces kids to the delight of live entertainment. The show emphasizes the fun of responsibility with the reward of self esteem.

READING ENTHUSIASMReading is never more appealing than in this fun filled mystery that stars Mr. Bear, the proud owner of a library card. His wisdom helps the kids solve the dilemma in this delightful adventure.

HOLIDAY SPECIALS  All celebrations are more joyous with puppet shows starring George the giraffe and his lovable staff. We have shows for every occasion, including Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo and Halloween.

DINOSAUR SHOW Tyrone the 10-foot-tall gigglesaurus stars in a variety of hilarious shows ranging from Birthday parties to Library programs.

THUMP THE GRUMP This fuzzy pink giant terrorizes the world with a hot pink spray can until the kids help him get over his grudge and he learns to respect others' feelings and property.

SAFETY SHOWS Home and public safety become a fun lesson for children of all ages. Presented in a non-threatening way, that lets kids learn by observation.

Mizzy Mouse builds a flying machine and the children help make it fly in this exciting show that teaches kids to reach goals.
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